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In our minds and in our hearts, we feel that hardcore music should stay out of big business and stay in the streets, where it belongs. All you kids out there, always, keep the faith! -Raybeez

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"Market Crash/It Hurts" - Gas Rag.

Wall street’s got problems
But I never had a plan
To make something of myself
I’m opting out. Why should I help?
The next market crash
Needs to be the last.
It’s shit and it can not be helped.

Pushed down, shut up, forced to submit.
Pissed on, worn out, they’ll never quit.
And it keeps getting worse.
Tear gas, truncheons, bloodied heads.
We vote them to power again and again.
It hurts.
Pushed down, shut up, forced to submit.
Pissed on, worn out, and sick of it.
I’m sick of it.


[video] [h/t: sizvideos]

I need to know if he got the ball


Too stoked Elysia is getting back together.



Our puppy, Marley. He is 8 weeks old. He is a mini golden doodle


Don’t ever think that your brown skin is anything less than perfect, amazing, wonderful, benevolent, a blessing, marvelous, outstanding, heavenly, and majestic. Seriously.

siempre montado en tu coche negro y blanco 
chingas al moreno pero no chingas al blanco 


We just filmed Grover’s first time in a ball pit XD